Monday, July 16, 2012

Ernie Allen:National Center for Missing and Exploited Children -- Defrauds the Public And Makes Millions.

Mr. Ernie Allen is the President and CEO of both the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Inc. (NCMEC USA) and the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children Inc. (ICMEC), two American companies based in Virginia that have received more than half a billion dollars in non-competitive federal funding
since 1984.

Mr. Allen has been President and CEO of these two companies since their inception.
His privately-held companies have released almost no records, financial or otherwise, that would permit public oversight of their activities. The self-styled National Center was first awarded $3.3 million dollars by the Department of Justice in 1984. Despite more than 25 years of public funding, they have never been held to account for their expenditures, much less for their corporate policies and initiatives.

What little is known indicates that their top executives are richly rewarded. The St. Petersburg Times of Florida recently ran a critical article originally titled Is salary too high for Chief of powerful Center for missing kids?. The article's title was changed to Quasi-governmental missing kids center enjoys key exemptions from federal rules before its publication in the newspaper's print edition. The expos√© correctly notes that Mr. Allen himself was compensated in 2008 to the tune of $1.3 MILLION.


That's just in money that we know about. Adding in all the other typical executive "perks" from such things as travel expenses, cronyism and related kickbacks, the value of Mr. Allen's compensation must surely surpass TWO MILLION dollars.

Mr. Allen is running two cash cows, one of which even dares to masquerade as an "international" entity without any recognition of its claimed status from the United Nations or any other multinational body.

In countries around the world, the ICMEC presents itself as a multinational entity. Foreign officials and citizens alike are regularly duped into thinking that its publications reflect a collaborative, deliberative process, as would the publications of a truly international agency like the World Health Organisation. Yet, the notion that the ICMEC is international in anything but the scope of its target is entirely divorced from reality.

The ICMEC is nothing more than a tool to broadcast American political and social interests abroad. Its primary but unstated goal -- to remove children from their established residences in other countries so that they might be raised in the United States, where all contact with their foreign relations would be impossible -- derives from the ethnocentric and conceited notion that the United States alone knows what is best for the children of its citizens.

Meantime, the Mr. Allen's other company, NCMEC USA, issues entire barrages of overinflated, misleading or outright false statistics, not just about missing children, but also about the prevalence of child pornography on the Internet, the true extent of "stranger danger", the number of unaccounted-for registered sex offenders in the US, and even the number of children who are found as a result of the Amber Alert system.

Mr. Allen and his businesses have been pulling the wool over the eyes of both the American taxpayer and the international community for way too many years.

The proof is in the pudding, goes a saying, and so it is here. Many cases of missing child fraud have already been exposed through the work of an international cadre of private volunteers at the National Centre for Missing in Europe Children. You are welcome to flip through the cases posted there, which represent only a small fraction of known cases of missing child fraud more