Sunday, July 15, 2012

Launch of New MissingKids Website at No. 10 Downing Street

On May 23rd, the Home Secretary Theresa May hosted a reception at No. 10 Downing Street to mark International Missing Children's Day.  The reception honored families of the missing and the work that PACT, Missing People, and CEOP have done to improve the protection of children.

The reception also marked the launch of two very important new initiatives: (1) a redesigned MissingKids website that distributes images of, and information on, missing children to police and public across the world, and (1) a pan-European free phone number (116 000) for people to call if they have information about a missing child or are missing themselves. 

Click here for the press release.
Below are few photos from the reception.  Great thanks to PACT supporter Michael Zuckerman for the photography.

(L-R) Nicki Durbin, mother of missing Luke Durbin; Kate McCann, mother of missing Madeleine McCann; and Clarence Mitchell.

Lady Meyer outside No 10 with one of our Black Cabs advertising the new MissingKids website.

(L) Nicki Durbin and (R) Kate McCann.

(L) Lady Meyer and (R) Peter Davies, CEO of CEOP.

(L-R) Tim Loughton, MP, Lady Meyer, and Sue Lawley, OBE.

(L) Robert Easter and (R) Sarah Cecilie Finkelstein Waters.

(L-R) Sirdar Aly Aziz, Terry Tyrrell, Sir Martin Sorrell, Sir Christopher Meyer.

(L) Tim Loughton, MP and (R) Sue Lawley, OBE.

(L-R) Margot Phair; Mark Bergman, PACT Trustee; Michael Phair; Sir Christopher Meyer; Ria Broad.         

Sir Christopher and Lady Meyer.

(L) Lady Meyer and (R) Matthew Dearden.

(L-R) Matthew Dearden, Michael Phair, Sir Christopher Meyer, and Clarence Mitchell.

(L-R) Keith Chanter, CEO of EMCOR Group UK; Cecilia Braggiotti; Lady Meyer; Jane Hack, EMCOR Group UK.

(L-R) Robert Easter, Lady Meyer, Teresa Selwyn.

(L) Laurence Timmons and (R) Shirley Chau.

(L) Sue Lawley, OBE, and (R) Sir Christopher Meyer.

(L) Michael Zuckerman and (R) Louise Goodall.

(L) Kee Meng Tan and (R) Frederique Tan.

(L-R) Peter Davies, CEOP CEO; The Rt. Hon. Theresa May, Home Secretary; and Lady Meyer.

(L-R) Lady Meyer; The Rt. Hon. Theresa May, Home Secretary; and Mr. and Mrs. Kee Meng Tan.

(L-R) Ria Broad, Margot Phair, and Florence Quirici.

(L-R) Nick Candy, Holly Valance, Ross Miller, and Teresa Selwyn.

(L) Adrian Oldfiend, PACT Trustee, and (R) Ann Bevan, PACT Staff.

(L) The Rt. Hon. Theresa May, Home Secretary, and (R) Lady Meyer.

Lady Meyer announing the launch of the new MissingKids website at No. 10 Downing Street.

Peter Davis, CEO of CEOP, announcing the launch of the new Missing Kids website.

(L) Sonya Zuckerman and (R) Michele Beaconsfield.

(L) Mowbray Jackson and (R) Ben Glazier.

(L) Thomas Fink and (R) Drummond Money-Coutts, Magician Extraordinaire.